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Puppy Makes History

When you welcome a new puppy in your home, it isn’t a matter of if your puppy will chew up something, it’s when and what.  It isn’t a segment on the evening news when a new puppy owner comes home to find a half-chewed sandal, or a shredded pillow, or a gnawed wooden chair leg.  You know this, so you do your best to protect your belongings by supervising your puppy as much as possible until it knows better.  Our puppy Sassy was still learning what’s hers and what’s ours when we all went to bed one night, each thinking someone else had made sure she was secure in her crate.  When Sassy greeted my husband at the bottom of the stairs in the early morning hours the next day, it was one of those “oh-no” moments.  She had chosen to chew the edge of the Bible left on the coffee table.  How can you discipline any creature wanting to spend time with God’s Word?  Time has now past since that day and as time with a puppy increases on the x-axis, the number of chewed items you don’t want chewed up decreases on the y-axis.  So, Sassy is often left out of her crate unattended on our gated property.  Well, the other day we arrived home to find chewed plastic all over the driveway.  “What…is…that?” we all said in unison.  It turns out Sassy had found an open donated box of medical supplies my husband left in the garage to bring to his next medical clinic.  He’s the medical director of a clinic that provides free medical care to refugees in the city of San Antonio so we often have extra medical supplies scattered around.  Well, if you gathered up the chewed pieces and fit ’em together like it’s a jigsaw puzzle, you probably still wouldn’t have guessed what it was.  Sassy had actually spent an afternoon chewing up a foley catheter and drainage bag.   And, just like Humpty Dumpty, it couldn’t be put back together again.  I’m sure she’s the only puppy in the history of the world that has chewed up a thin, sterile tube that’s inserted into your bladder to drain urine and the bag that collects it.  Or maybe your puppy also prefers catheters to bones?

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  1. Poppy

    The 11th Commandment
    Thou shalt not eat thy neighbor’s Bible

  2. Seth

    Jeremiah 15:16. Sassy was just following in Jeremiah’s steps. More stories about how faithful Buddy is.

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