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A Good Life

We lost a sheep the other day.  No matter how many you lose, it’s never easy, every one hurts.  At least we found comfort in the way she was found.  She had chosen a quiet corner of a pen tucked away inside our barn.  There, she had breathed her last breaths.  I remarked to my daughter how peaceful she looked, and even more comforting, how content.  Her head was elevated slightly resting on a smooth rock and she looked like she was smiling.  The way she was made it seem like in her final moments she had been thinking, “I had a good life.”  I really hope so.  She is survived by a daughter ewe, a grandson ram, and twin daughter lambs that are just at the age where they can take care of themselves.  It was like she knew she couldn’t go until they didn’t need her anymore.  What a good mamma she was!  She was one of our oldest ewes and seemed to have the respect of the rest of the flock, just like Maa, the elder sheep in the movie Babe.  I could see that sheep encouraging our others to humor our children and give in to their shepherding attempts.  Our son was away on a Guatemala medical mission trip with my husband when she died.  It made him really sad that he didn’t get to say goodbye.  All we have of her now is a little lock of wool in a heart-shaped box that our sweet neighbor made for us.  And, the memories of her living a good life on the franch.


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  1. Gigi

    I loved everything about this (except the sheep dying).

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