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I Won’t Run Out

I simply love writing about our adventures on the franch.  A friend recently inquired, “You are surely going to run out of stories to tell, aren’t you?”  I immediately responded, “That isn’t possible – you know who I’m married to.”  Life with my husband is never dull.  There is always a new adventure to be lived.  Our family once visited nearby Enchanted Rock with my parents, which is a massive rock dome formation rising approximately 425 feet above the surrounding terrain in Central Texas.  It had been a very long day of touring the Hill Country and we were all quite worn out.  I had also been the victim of a poisonous asp caterpillar sting at a nearby winery only an hour prior.  How could we possibly now complete a hike on this rock, all before sunset?  As we stood observing how those on the rock summit were the size of an asp caterpillar, I turned to my exhausted parents and warned, “We are here with my husband, so…we’re going to the top.”  I think we must have set a record for our climb that day with three children in tow.  I don’t know how it happens, but my husband always seems to fit in way more than there is time to do every day.  You’ll often hear me say on our franch, “We don’t have time for that!”  Yet, somehow we do one more thing.  I feel like we live a decade in every one year of life together.  So don’t fret, I will never run out of stories to tell.

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  1. Lin

    That was a crazy day…hiking on a rock and hurrying to finish before sunset! There is always an adventure to be found visiting your franch!

  2. Poppy

    When I stay at the Franch I have to go to bed by 9:30 pm because I will never make it through the next day.

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