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The Other Man

My husband had decided that the way to cut up some downed trees on our franch was with a two-man saw.  Why?  Because, we like to do things the hard way.  So, the search began.  At first, he could only find antique ones advertised.  Laughing, I remarked, “There’s an easy explanation for that – the invention of the powered chain saw!”  One day, as he shared with me his frustrations of only finding one advertised 50+ miles away, it dawned on me, “Wait a second…who do you think ‘the other man’ of the two-man saw is going to me? It isn’t going to be me!”  Thankfully, some pressing issues came up at his job and there was no more talk about this antiquated way of cutting wood.  For some crazy reason, I really want my husband to be happy and accomplish whatever he comes up with no matter how insane…so I secretly took on the search and surprised him with a two-man saw.  So, weeks later, there I was, on the other side of a big log knowing I only had myself to blame.  Most of you haven’t time traveled from the past to today, so let me explain, you need to be in rhythm with your partner for the two-man saw to smoothly cut the wood.  It was hilarious how we just couldn’t quite get into rhythm with each other.  I’d pull, he’d push, then he’d pull when I wasn’t done pulling, so I’d push, and he’d hesitate, and we’d both then pull…  But, we still eventually made it happen while laughing the whole time.  This completely fits how we live most of our life together.  It’s a little awkward, but it works, and it is a whole lot of fun.  This evening, as an arctic blast blows in to our area, we did our family devotions beside a roaring fire with the wood cut when I was willing to be “the other man.”


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  1. Rose

    Wow! Beautiful, my favorite one so far! How did you get so smart???

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