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Your Life is About to Change

“I think it came,” my husband says as he rips open the package left at the front gate.  I wonder what he ordered.  He unwraps “Herding Dogs: Progressive Training” by Vergil S. Holland.  As usual, Sassy, our now eight-month-old border collie puppy is at his feet.  He looks down at her as she obediently looks up at him to meet his eye.  Their gaze is intense for a moment and, he says, with the book in hand, “Sassy, your life is about to change.”  Someone needs to tell the sheep.

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  1. Kit

    It’s me, again. Your husband just gave me some eggs. They are so beautiful that we won’t eat them (much to my hubby’s protest). I even posted them on FB, so expect orders. My friends should help out handsomely with the college fund.

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