I was in the local feed store, again, and was considering buying a different brand of a stock tank float valve.  We were having issues with our float valves installed on the water troughs at the franch.  So, I figured perhaps it was time to invest in the more expensive brand.  I caught the eye of an employee walking by the aisle and asked, “May I ask you a question about these float valves?”  There was an awkward silence, as he seemed to be considering something about me, and then, he finally responded, “Yes, as long as I can ask you a question too?”  “Um, okay,” I said curiously, slowly nodding my head.  He gave his opinion about the choices of float valves on the shelf.  He mentioned the one we already have on our water troughs is purchased the most and how he has rarely heard complaints about it.  So, the float valve, I guess, isn’t to blame.  Yet again, the problem is likely something we’re doing wrong.  “Thank you for your help,” I said as I started to walk down the aisle.  But, he stopped me, “Now my question for you…,” and he smiled at me.  I felt awkward, wondering what he could possibly ask of me.  “Well, I thought maybe…” my mind raced through some responses I needed ready…“you’d like a compost bin for free?”  What?  A compost bin?  I was super relieved that I hadn’t interrupted to blurt out, “I’m happily married!”  Then, I laughed.  What was it about me that made him think I’m a woman looking to compost?  There were plenty of people in the feed store that morning, yet he choose to offer a compost bin to me.  Most people when offered something free just say yes.  Instead, I questioned him as to why he had chosen me.  He explained how he sees me in the feed store all of the time so I deserved something for free for once.  They needed the room on the shelves for a new brand and this particular one wasn’t selling fast enough, so it was mine if I wanted it.  I am not a lucky person by any means.  I don’t win raffles or door prizes or any of the hundreds of contests entered over the course of my life.  Finally, it was my lucky day!  I know I didn’t get a thousand dollars or a trip to Hawaii or tickets to an upcoming Spurs game – I jut got a compost bin.  But, maybe, this is the beginning of better luck in my life.  At the very least, we’ll likely have more luck with our garden this spring.

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