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Where is she?

I couldn’t find my older daughter.  My other children hadn’t seen her for a while either.  Her room was empty.  I rang the Texas-shaped dinner bell outside the back door that signals the children to come in from outside.  Still, she didn’t appear.  It’s unlike her to ignore my calls so I started to worry a bit.  I checked the barn and then quickly circled around the house and my eye caught a glimpse of her shiny brown hair.  I immediately smiled.  She was sitting on top of the round hay bale situated under a huge live oak tree out in the side pasture.  She was reading a book out loud as the horse and cows chomped on the hay around her.   The calf was lying against the bale looking up at her like he was listening to the story she told.  I went back inside without interrupting her time.  She read on, not knowing she had been lost and found.

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  1. Ladonna

    When your children are grown, you will have archives of treasured memories. What a sweet story! Miss you! …oh and all this rain this winter. . What a tremendous blessing for your land. It’s going to be so lush and colorful this spring!

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