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To-Do Lists on the Franch

A quick and easy way to get to know someone is to read his or her to-do list.  If they don’t have one, well, that says something too.  I never would have imagined years ago that my to-do list would read the way it does today.  Here is an example of some of a recent to-do list:

* Butcher 48 chickens

* Deliver milking goat to breeder so we can have fresh goat milk in 5 months

* Give goat Chlamydia vaccine before she meets buck

* Sign up kids for basketball season

* Clean out kids closets to donate clothing and toys

* Clean out laying hen chicken coop and put down fresh bedding

* Wrap exposed barn pipes to prepare for upcoming freezing temperatures

* Write a better post for franchlife.com

* Give horse dewormer, and dogs theirs too

* Prepare for in-laws stay in guest house

* Call veterinarian to float horse teeth

* Schedule private banjo lesson for husband (this is a must if you ever buy your husband his first banjo and all he knows how to play is “Boil ’em Cabbage Down”)

* Trim sheep hooves and ear tag recent lambs

* Start training border collie puppy for sheep herding (well, first, learn how to train border collie for sheep herding)

* Borrow sheep shear clippers for upcoming sheep show

* Schedule babysitter for date night

* Sweep barn (this one isn’t ever checked off, as soon as I finish sweeping the other end of the barn is already dirty)

* Take kids to library (this should probably be up at the top of the list)

* Organize supplies and equipment as calving time nears for our two cows due in February

* Make an appointment for a pedicure or massage (this one is for me, not an animal)

I also include errands off the franch on my lists.  You will almost always see the local feed store listed.  It comes in a close second to the grocery store of places most visited by me.  I’m proud to say that at least feeding my children remains the top priority.  If we kept all the to-do lists we’ve ever made, it’d be an interesting way to see how our priorities changed as we lived the seasons of our lives.  What does your to-do lists say about you?

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  1. Kit

    Every day, I learn something new. One of my ER physicians plays the banjo! Such talent! My To-Do list is to smile and nod as I make the journey through interview season.

  2. Hector

    My to-do list typically remains unwritten. Mostly because in parallel I am contemplating the “What do I really want to do list?” 🙂

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