The sun rises every morning over a ridge in our back pasture.  This morning, as the sun neared the horizon, its rays were spread out making a glorious crown of light in the sky.  We didn’t notice it at first.  Our attention was on the reason my son had rushed into our bedroom to awaken us.  Sometime in the night, our cow had given birth to a healthy baby boy.  Our children had rounded the corner of the barn on the way to do morning chores surprised to count three cows in our pasture instead of two.  We were all congratulating mama cow and wishing happy birthday to the little man when my son interrupted, “Its name has to be Sunrise!  Look at that!”  We watched as the sun slowly rose just beyond the calf and his mother.  What a beautiful Sunrise!  It was sweet to see so many of our animals sharing in this moment with us.  The chickens had gathered nearby, all the sheep in the adjacent pasture were lined up along the fence, and the dogs were sitting on the other side of the pasture gate – all intently watching mama cow bond with her calf in the morning light.  The horse meandered over and as he bent his neck to check out his new pasture mate, he nickered.  We all smiled.  Horse whisperers say that a horse nickers to give a friendly greeting.  So, our children translated his nicker into English for us.  “Hello, Sunrise!” the children said the horse said.  I’m so thankful that we didn’t miss the sunrise this morning.  Can you think of a better way to start a day?

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