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Muddy Paw Prints

It’s drizzling outside today.  It is days like today when I sometimes regret my decision to let our new puppy in our home.  I had been very firm about one rule that could never be broken if I agreed to move out to our franch.  Which was, we can have as many animals as our sanity (and our land) can handle as long as they ALL live outside.  Every wife needs a place of refuge from the chaos of life on a franch.  Well, I soon learned the meaning of the expression “give somebody an inch and they’ll take a mile.”  My eldest daughter wanted to buy some hermit crabs with her hard-earned chore money and keep them inside the walls of our home.  I figured what harm could they do – they’re approximately one-inch long and live their lives hidden.  I justified my leniency with the expression “out of sight, out of mind.”  I softened on my rule one time, and it was soon as though it never existed.  Months later, the children carried their brand new border collie puppy over the threshold without a moment hesitation.  I remember opening my mouth to lecture the children about the rule violation, but their genuine smiles and infectious laughter as they played silenced me.  It warmed my heart to see the bond so quickly cement between a child and dog.  So, on rainy days such as today, there are muddy paw prints all over my kitchen.  There are still moments when I’m frazzled and threaten to re-instate the rule.  But, I calm myself, with controlled breathing, knowing our children will remember their relationship with their dog more than they ever will how well I kept our home.  Thankfully, “a little dirt never hurt anyone.”

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  1. Ladonna

    Proud of you. ..funny how your boundaries extended. I was the same way until one day the kids informed me that Dad said, “We can get a dog! ”
    At the time we were in an apartment. I knew what this meant. Our dog now brings a lot of fun and companionship for the kids; so I have a feeling we’ll forever have an inside dog.

  2. Bill

    Does that mean I can wear my new cowboy boots in your house when I visit?

  3. Kit

    Ok, you have elevated this blogging from children books to Hallmark movies. Sweet, hilarious and down to earth truth. Gotta love it. If I keep laughing out loud, someone is going to think I love my job.

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