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God Speed the Plough

Every now and then you need some fresh inspiration for why you do what you do.  This old English Folk Song from the 15th century did that for me today.

Let the wealthy and great

Roll in splendour and state,

I envy them not, I declare it.

I eat my own lamb.

My own chickens and ham, 

I shear my own fleece and I wear it.

I have lawns, I have bowers,

I have fruits, I have flowers,

The lark is my morning alarmer,

So jolly boys now,

Here’s to God Speed the Plough

Long life and success to the Farmer!  


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  1. Seth

    Little disappointed. I was hoping this was some crazy story about dad ploughing up a big part of your lawn to expand your garden.

    • Kelly

      I know better! I hid the tractor keys before his arrival. He, he.

  2. Lin

    There is always fun on your Franch!

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