Living on our franch was, is, and always will be a family decision.  It’s not something we are doing to our kids, it’s something we are doing together with them.  It can’t be done without us all doing our part.  So, periodically, we approach our children and discuss whether they still want to keep livin’ the franch ways.  I even make the choice to instead start living a suburban or urban life very enticing.  I tell them how their life would be different.  No more early mornings with an alarm clock startling you awake to do chores before school.  No more heading out to the barn to do evening chores after a long tiring day off the franch.  No more sweaty brows from working out in the garden and repairing fences in the summer heat.  Instead, there’d be more sleep, more time for watching television and playing video games, more vacations, and less baths.  I make a life far away from the franch sound so good that I’m even tempted to start packing up.  But, every time, the children choose to stay.  Every time.

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