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Franch Fashion

Because you never make more than you spend on a franch (or at least we don’t), it can’t be your day job.  So, your closet isn’t only filled with the stereotypical farm attire.  You have the muck boots, the overalls, and the pearl snap shirts – that’s a given.  But, you also need to dress the part that brings in the funds.  That is why you will find my husband milking goats in hospital scrubs before he races off in cowboy boots for a night shift in the emergency room.  Or, you may find him tinkering with sprinklers in his garden in a suit after having given a lecture at the medical school.  On our franch, the kids and I also look like we’re having an identity crisis.  You will find my youngest daughter twirling around in a tutu wearing polka-dot mud boots on her way to collect the eggs.  You will find mud on my heels and hay on my dress at an extravagant gala because I tried to fit in one last barn chore before the evening began.  By the way, you will not see me embarrassed when some lady quietly whispers about the hay on my behind – it’s all part of the franch look.  And, you won’t be as surprised as my husband was one day to find me out in the pasture weed-wacking with sleek black yoga pants tucked into purple boots with oversized rhinestone sunglasses as my eye protection.  Whatever you do, why not look good doing it?  Maybe, someday, there will be such franch looks on the runway of a small fashion show in some rural town meeting hall.

Why isn’t Franch in my Dictionary?

My family came up with a new word.  I don’t know if you can do that, but we did it anyway.  We couldn’t quite define what we were doing with our lives with any of the words in the current edition of our dictionary.  The word is “Franch.”  It is both a verb and a noun.  It is when you are not quite farming and you are not quite ranching.  It is like a hobby farm.  But, that doesn’t fit either, because it is way more than a hobby, it is a life.  You do not make any money doing it.  Or at least, you will always be in the red.  And yet you keep doing it.  On a franch, every life lesson can be learned.  I hope you will join me on this journey as I learn these lessons with my family on our franch.


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