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Time can Kill a Chicken

Time isn’t only able to fly.  Time also helps heal a wound in matters of medicine.  And every successful person in business knows that time kills all deals.  Well, did you know that time can also kill a chicken?  With time always changing, springing forward and falling back, we are always adjusting what we do on our franch.  Chores need to be done earlier and earlier as winter approaches.  One chore that needs to be done at dusk is securing the chickens in the coop before their nocturnal predators leave their roosting places.  It gets more difficult to get home at dusk as our life still happens beyond the fences of our franch.  One day we came home at a decent hour, yet time had recently fallen back, and it was well past dark.  My daughter’s new brood of chickens from her birthday was not in or near the coop.  Our hearts sank.  A flashlight search ended in finding her favorite of the chickens half-eaten with its feathers all about and never locating two others.  We learned a hard lesson on that early, yet dark, evening – we need to always pay attention to the time to better protect our chickens from their nocturnal foes.  We are now counting on time to heal our daughter’s broken heart.

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  1. Bill

    “Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”
    ― Alan W. Watts

  2. Lin

    Poor chickens. They are totally depending on you!
    But at least you provided another animal their evening dinner!

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